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Rave Reviews

I was in a staff meeting when the wife of one of our doctoral interns at Western Washington Universty walked in with a tray of her strawberry cupcakes. I was SO taken with the perfection of this little cupcake that I decided right there and then that this woman was blessed with gift for baking and knew that I wanted to somehow promote her cupcakes.  Although she was a busy woman, what-with-raising 5 children and a 6th on the way, I hoped she would find a way to share her gifts in the kitchen with the community. Emily somehow imbued the cupcake I’d eaten with love and I was transported.  After relishing in the second cupcake , I told her I wanted to make a logo for her and then a website; she agreed and Oh Joy! was born.  I’m only sad that she is likely to leave Bellingham, but know she will touch the hearts of anyone who tries her cupcakes, whereever she may roam.
~Deena Rathkamp in Bellingham, Washington

Emily has done cupcakes for several of my events. It doesn’t matter what other food you serve as long as you serve Oh Joy! cupcakes.  They go first and are the only thing your party guests will talk about after. Hit of the party! They are reason alone to invite friends over.
~ Leslie Jane Dosier in Bellingham, Washington

Oh Joy! Makes the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. Every flavor is delicious, the presentation is classy and fun, and I would highly recommend ordering these cupcakes if you want to offer a wonderful treat to your party/wedding/shower guests.
~ Jason Portia in Bellingham, Washington

Truly the most delightful scrumptious treat I have ever had! The cupcakes were a huge hit at the party…my friends are still talking about how delicious they were.
~Angelina Larkin in Ferndale, Washington

Looks are not everything but in the case of Emily’s cupcakes that is just the beginning. They look amazing and the taste is to die for. Most cupcakes are dry and flake apart but cupcakes from Oh Joy! cupcakes are fluffy yet moist with the perfect flavor and that’s not even mentioning the frosting. MMMM the frosting, not too sweet, perfectly creamy.  They just make you happy.  I don’t know how she does it.  ~Abigail Knox in Bellingham, Washington

Our mommy makes the bestest cupcakes in the whole wide world.
~Emily’s five kids

When I heard Emily was driving to Whidbey Island this week I drove an hour to meet her there to pick up a dozen assorted cupcakes. I found myself licking the paper clean of each cupcake on the way home. No kidding! They are TO DIE FOR.
~ Mark Demsey on Whidbey Island, Washington

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